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The 2 first NERC fellows, Rosie Smith and myself, on the roof of the Houses of Parliament
The 2 first NERC fellows at POST, Rosie Smith (UCL) on the right and myself, on the roof of the Houses of Parliament

I am generally interested in promoting public understanding of science and other forms of scientific knowledge transfer. Over the last few years I have organised sessions about volcanoes for school groups from primary level up to sixth form. Some examples of other non-academic publications and press coverage are detailed below.

Some of my non-academic publications

  • A volcanic breath of life?, Chemistry World, December 2004.
  • In 2005 I spent 3-months on secondment to the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) as part of a NERC scheme. While working there I completed a briefing paper (or POSTnote) about Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), a technology that has been proposed to help reduce carbon dioxide levels and reduce global warming. This briefing was published in March 2005 and was circulated to MPs and peers and is available here and read about it on the BBC website here.
  • For details of a recently published House of Commons Select Committee report into Carbon Capture and Storage Technology here.

    If you want to apply for the NERC/POST fellowship scheme in the future, a presentation that I have given recently including suggestions on sources of ideas for report titles can be found here.

    I have also recently been involved in the Royal Society MP-Scientist pairing scheme.

    This involved my spending a week in Westminster shadowing my local MP, David Howarth. He then came and shadowed me for a day in my department. Read about this here and here.

    Press coverage

  • Ozone destruction by volcanic plumes, November 2006, which gave rise to, amongst other things, this article in New Scientist and got a mention in The Sun newspaper.

  • Oceanus (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Magazine).
  • Recent interview on local radio (22.01.06) as part of the 'Naked Scientists' show. Listen by clicking here.

  • Action stations in NERC's Winter 2005 Planet Earth Magazine.

  • A Volcanologist's Vista in ScienceCareers.org.

  • Volcanic nitrogen and early life, October 2004, which gave rise to, amongst other things, this article in New Scientist.

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