Key collaborators in Oxford Earth Sciences:

Part of the joy of scientific research is getting the chance to work with groups of scientists from different backgrounds and nationalities. A good example is the team pictured below that assembled for fieldwork on Etna in 2005.

Etna fieldwork
The team for fieldwork on Etna August/September 2005. Back row, left to right: Andrew Allen (Sao Paulo State University, Brazil), Angela Franco (Palermo University, Italy), Nicole Bobrowski (INGV Palermo, Italy). Front row, left to right: Shinohara Hiroshi (Geological Survey of Japan), Me, Andrew McGonigle (Sheffield University, UK), David Pyle (Oxford University, UK), Rob Martin (Cambridge University, UK), Alessandro Aiuppa (Palermo University, Italy), Ken Sims (WHOI, USA).

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