MiNTOS Distribution and Information Page.

MiNTOS is now at Release 1.4.1.

MiNTOS is a package of utilities which run under the MiNT operating system extension for the Atari ST, TT and Falcon ranges of computers to provide a multi-user environment.

The environment created by using these utilities with the addition of the GNU file utilities is a very close approximation to a classic BSD Unix system, closest to SunOS 4.1.x and 4.3BSD.

Many of the utilities contained within the package are, in fact, ports of the utilities distributed on the BSD Net-2 tape.

What you will need to use MiNTOS

What's new in Release 1.4.1?

What's new in Release 1.4?

How do I obtain it?

Click here to download the binary distribution (about 606K). This is a Gzip'ed tar archive which contains a full system directory tree and installation instructions below a directory called "mintos-1.4.1". The version of the MiNTlibs used was patchlevel 44.

This binary distribution was built using a version of the GNU C compiler built for the Falcon/TT (mfgcc258.zoo from atari.archive's Mint hierarchy). I used the -m68000 switch, so I hope it's generated correct 68000 code. I can't check this at the moment as my old 520STM is feeling poorly.

Click here to download the source distribution (about 437K). This is a GZip'ed tar archive containing the whole source tree below a directory called "mintos-1.4.1". You will need MiNTlibs patchlevel 41 or above and GCC 2.3.3 or above to build it.

The README file is here.

Or you can use anonymous ftp from or your closest mirror site below the Mint subdirectory.

Atari.archive and its mirrors.

Known Problems.

What next?

Unfortunately I can no longer work on this package as my TT has died. So, it's up to the rest of the Atari community to take this on and carry on improving it. Sorry.

I'll still be able to support it as much as I can without being able to run it, however.

Stephen Usher

11th August, 1995.

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