• Thanks to Maria Tsekhmistrenko, a new tomography model is added: RROx-19.


  • Thanks to Karin Sigloch, an issue with plotting SAM5_P_2019 with other tomography models was found and resolved. The issue was that the other models (when plotted with SAM5_P_2019) would get shifted by 180 deg in longitude relative to the basemap. It was resolved by mapping the longitudes of the SAM5_P_2019 underlying dataset from [-180, 180] to [0, 360].

  • Thanks to Daniel Evan Portner, a new tomography model is added: SAM5_P_2019.


  • SEISGLOB2 model files are updated (reported by Stephanie Durand).



  • PDF/EPS formats are now supported in Cross-sections.
  • Usage map is removed.

  • New arrangement for output figures of "Depth slices" and "Cross-sections" pages.


  • A new video "Seismic wave propagation in a 3-D Earth model with crust, 2011 Virginia earthquake" is added to Posters/Videos.

  • BUGFIX: x-sections for SEISGLOB01 and 02 models.
  • Reference was added for the ULVZ dataset.

  • Ultra low velocity zones (ULVZs) can be plotted on top of tomography-depth profiles and vote-maps.




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