SubMachine is a collection of web-based tools for the interactive visualisation, analysis, and quantitative comparison of global-scale, volumetric (3-D) data sets of the subsurface, with supporting tools for interacting with other, complementary models and data sets as listed below.

In short, SubMachine is a computational engine (Machine) to visualize models and datasets of the sub-surface (Sub).

Tomography depth-slices

Slices through seismic tomography models at depth
Tomography cross-sections

Vertical slices through seismic tomography models for a given profile
Histograms & depth plots

Statistical analysis of seismic tomography models
Vote maps

Regions of agreement and disagreement between seismic tomography models

The equipotential surface of the Earth's gravity field
Marine gravity

Free-air gravity for marine and onshore areas
Normal mode observations

Visualization of normal modes and associated sensitivity kernels
Vertical gravity gradient

Derivative of the global gravity field
Crust 1.0

Global crustal structure
Global topography

Global relief i.e. topography and bathymetry
Average models

Average tomography models

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