Rocks of NW Scotland

This collection of images is based on material used to support a field course at the University of Oxford. Sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks are seen at various scales: in their natural context, in outcrop, in hand specimen and under the microscope. The text commentary describes their composition, texture, and the evidence for the processes that formed them. Collectively, the rocks and their relationships to each other record the geological evolution of a part of the continental crust of the Earth.

The large scale view

Detail on the outcrop

Under the microscope

There are several routes into the collection. To see them grouped in order of age, outlining the story of the formation of the continental crust of Scotland, select the geological history link. Alternatively, choose the stratigraphy link to see a diagram that shows them in vertical sequence, youngest at the top. For a geographical index choose the area map and section. Finally, for a systematic list of rock types, see the rock index.

The "About" page contains a site map and other useful information about the site, particularly about the microscope images.

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D.J. Waters, Department of Earth Sciences, May 2003