Himalaya sections:

The South Tibetan Detachment System

Much of our current effort is directed towards understanding the process of exhumation of the Himalayan metamorphic core beneath the shear zones and low-angle normal faults of the South Tibetan Detachment System

Again, L.R. Wager has a part to play: after the unsuccessful attampt on Everest in 1933 he took a route back to Sikkim which largely followed the trend of the STDS in this region. The link below takes you to a PDF version of a PowerPoint presentation I assembled from Wager's archive to entertain a research meeting in Oxford in January 2012. At the top left of each slide there is a speech bubble - hover over it or double-click it to see the commentary.

Wager and the South Tibetan Detachment System (PDF, 3.13 MB)