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1. Microprobe analyses

2. Mineral groups

3. Solid solutions

4. Thermobarometers

5. Uncertainties

6. P-T calculations

7. Phase diagrams



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Bugs and quirks

Bulk compositions

Modal proportions

Spreadsheet tools

Practical Aspects of Mineral Thermobarometry

Tools and accessories

Click on the appropriate filename to download these utilities. If they're not available at present, my apologies, I'll add or update them as soon as I can.

For THERMOCALC itself, and other programs by Tim Holland, go to the THERMOCALC links page.


Description Format Filename
Simple formula recalculation tool, oxygen or cation basis. (Ready-to-use version) MS Excel formula.xls
Build-it-yourself projection tool (ready-to-use version). MS Excel project.xls
Simple but effective triangular plotting MS Excel triquik.xls
An aid to understanding the Holland & Powell (1992) DQF models for plagioclase a-X relations. MS Excel plagdqf.xls
Plots approximate error ellipses from THERMOCALC average-PT calculations on a P-T diagram. MS Excel avept.xls
Linearised calibrations of the Grt-Pl-Al2SiO5-Qtz and Grt-Pl-Ms-Bt geobarometers for medium-grade metapelites (based on 1995 Holland & Powell data set). MS Excel pelite-barometers.xls
Calculates and compares the results of seven popular calibrations of the garnet-biotite Fe-Mg exchange geothermometer. MS Excel grt-bt.xls


This is a rather ancient DOS program, but could still be useful.

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