DPhil Projects 2019

Listed below are the DPhil projects offered for 2019 entry.  You will need to apply for both the programme and the project via the main University online graduate application form, and pay an application fee.  The application form, all supporting materials required for the programme (including references) and payment must be submitted by the application deadline.  To access the application form and application guide please visit the University’s website at www.graduate.ox.ac.uk/apply.

On the application form, in the section headed ‘Departmental Studentship Applications’, you must indicate that you are applying for a project and enter the project reference code given below.

Funded projects

There are currently no funded projects.

Unfunded projects

Project EARTH-19-DP1: The influence of oxygen fugacity on peralkaline eruption dynamics

Project EARTH-19-ES1: Does increased diversity cause increased predation pressure?

Project EARTH-19-ES2: Are niches smaller when there are more species? A quantitative investigation of niche partitioning over the Phanerozoic

Project EARTH-19-ES3: Disentangling the dynamics of diversification in deep time