DPhil Projects 2018

Listed below are the DPhil projects offered for 2018 entry.  You will need to apply for both the programme and the project via the main University online graduate application form, and pay an application fee.  The application form, all supporting materials required for the programme (including references) and payment must be submitted by the application deadline.  To access the application form and application guide please visit the University’s website at www.graduate.ox.ac.uk/apply.

On the application form, in the section headed ‘Departmental Studentship Applications’, you must indicate that you are applying for a project and enter the project reference code given below.

Funded projects

Project EARTH-18-MC: What controlled the explosivity and sulphur release of the largest recent explosive eruption on Earth?

Unfunded projects

Project EARTH-18-DP1: The role of incongruent weathering on isotope and trace element cycling

Project EARTH-18-GMH: Quantifying the rates of key ocean processes with U-series isotopes

Project EARTH-18-HM1: Understanding Earth’s Lower Mantle Structure and Composition Through Laboratory Seismology

Project EARTH-18-HM2: Mapping Water in Earth’s Upper Mantle Using Laboratory Measurements

Project EARTH-18-HM3: Laboratory Constraints on Slab Subduction into Earth’s Lower Mantle

Project EARTH-18-REJ1: Processes controlling EMI and EMII mantle endmembers and their role in deep volatile recycling

Project EARTH-18-REJ2: Magmatic volatiles: the behaviour of noble gases and halogens in subduction-related volcanic systems

Project EARTH-18-RJB1: Evolution and ecomorphology of the avian skeleton

Project EARTH-18-RJB2: Terrestrialisation in vertebrates using evidence from synchrotron tomography

Project EARTH-18-RK1: Geochemical transport by diffuse and channelised magmatic flow

Project EARTH-18-RK2:Two-phase​ ​geodynamics​ ​of​ ​subduction​ ​tectonics​ ​and​ ​magmatism

Project EARTH-18-SG1Tackling the ‘teleost gap’

Project EARTH-17-TM1: Understanding the volcanism of the Tasmantid seamount chain

Project EARTH-18-TM2: Metals in magmas

Projects closed to applications

 Project EARTH-17-SK2: Ocean Biogeochemical Optimisation in ESMs (OBOE)