DPhil Projects 2017

Please note: graduate admissions for 2017 entry is now closed.


The following DPhil projects are no longer accepting applications for 2017 entry:

Project EARTH-17-DMP1: Using machine-learning approaches to detect changes in volcanic activity

Project EARTH-17-DMP2: Using Archives of Past Disasters to Improve Resilience to Volcanic Hazards

Project EARTH-17-ES1: How do thee vary? Let me count the ways. A quantitative investigation of changes in species through the Phanerozoic

Project EARTH-17-ES2: Biodiversity responses to mass extinction events: studying rates of niche evolution through time

Project EARTH-17-GMH1: Quantification of dust and iron fluxes to the surface ocean with thorium isotopes

Project EARTH-17-GMH2: Stalagmite reconstruction of past Saharan aridity

Project EARTH-17-HB1: Absorption of light by Arctic marine phytoplankton: its ecological and biogeochemical significance

Project EARTH-17-HB2: Relationship between phytoplankton and marine aerosols at the global scale: exploring underlying mechanisms and implications for Earth’s climate, using satellite data

Project EARTH-17-HLJ1: Meridional overturning circulation and ocean heat uptake

Project EARTH-17-IR1: Deciphering the Evolution of Symmetry in Early Echinoderms

Project EARTH-17-MPS1: Structural and metamorphic evolution of the Zanskar Himalaya from crustal thickening through to melting and exhumation

Project EARTH-17-RK1Melting and water drainage from ice-stream margins: theory and computation

Project EARTH-17-RK2: Magma/mantle dynamics: production and extraction of melt from the convecting mantle

Project EARTH-17-RK3: Magma genesis and transport in subduction zones – theory and computational models

Project EARTH-17-RR1: Reconstructing past climates and physiology using new old molecules

Project EARTH-17-RR2: Optimising elements for life: exploring the expanse of the periodic table

Project EARTH-17-RR3: The Paleoclimatic history of ENSO variance

Project EARTH-17-RR4: Assessing the biological response to changes in ocean chemistry from increased weathering

Project EARTH-17-SK2: Ocean Biogeochemical Optimisation in ESMs (OBOE)

Project EARTH-17-TM1: Understanding the volcanism of the Tasmantid seamount chain

Project EARTH-17-TM2: The importance and impacts of magmatic volatiles: the behaviour of noble gases and halogens in magmatic systems