DPhil Projects 2016

Listed below are the DPhil projects offered for 2016 entry.  Please note, we are now closed to applications for that cycle.


You will need to apply for both the programme and the project via the main University online graduate application form, and pay an application fee.  The application form, all supporting materials required for the programme (including references) and payment must be submitted by the application deadline.  To access the application form and application guide please visit the University’s website at www.graduate.ox.ac.uk/apply.

On the application form, in the section headed ‘Departmental Studentship Applications’, you must indicate that you are applying for a project and enter the project reference code given below.

Funded projects for 2016 entry

Project EARTH-16-STFC-BJW1: The crystallisation of the Moon

Project EARTH-16-STFC-CHB1: Tracing the acretionary origin and processing of planetary volatiles using noble gas isotopes

Project EARTH-16-STFC-JW1: Heavy Mantles – evaporating space rock?

Project EARTH-16-STFC-RK1: Tidally forced melting, magmatic segregation, and planetary evolution of Jupiter’s moon Io. Theory and computational models

Project EARTH-16-STFC-RK2: Anisotropic viscosity in deforming upper mantle: a control on tectonics of rocky planets?

Project EARTH-16-STFC-TM1: Quantifying volcanic activity on Venus through change detection

Project EARTH-16-SK2: Ocean Biogeochemical Optimisation in ESMs (OBOE)

Projects with no funding attached

Project EARTH-16-BP1:  Probing the Mechanical Properties of Fault Zones with Satellite Radar

Project EARTH-16-HLJ1: What role does the ocean play in Arctic sea-ice decline?

Project EARTH-16-HLJ2: Is water mass transformation in the Barents Sea important for the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation?

Project EARTH-16-LH1:  A new method for high-strain deformation of rocks in the laboratory: Equal-channel angular pressing at high temperatures

Project EARTH-16-LH2:  The effect of nanoscale structures on the strength of the lithosphere: Quantification through micromechanical testing

Project EARTH-16-LH3:  Transient deformation of olivine: From seismic wave speeds to glacial isostacy

Project EARTH-16-RK1:  Melting and water drainage from ice-stream margins: theory and computation

Project EARTH-16-RK2: Magma/mantle dynamics: production and extraction of melt from the convecting mantle

Project EARTH-16-RK3:  Magma dynamics: Trace element transport in simulations of channelised magmatic flow through a heterogeneous mantle

Project EARTH-16-RW1: Developing a long-term record of landscape evolution in NE Iran, with implications for climate and tectonics

Project EARTH-16-RW2: Field-based and remote-sensing studies of active tectonics and earthquakes in Asia

Project EARTH-16-RW3: Crustal Strain and Seismic Hazard in Northern China

Project EARTH-16-TM1:  Understanding the volcanism of the Tasmantid seamount chain

Project EARTH-16-TM2: The importance and impacts of magmatic volatiles: the behaviour of noble gases and halogens in magmatic systems

Project EARTH-16-TM3: Understanding volcanism in rift settings: The frequency and magnitude of large explosive eruptions in the Main Ethiopian Rift

How to apply

Please apply via the University of Oxford’s online applications system and select the DPhil in Earth Sciences course code RD_EG1.