Geophysics & Geodynamics

Our research in geophysics and geodynamics seeks to understand the structure and dynamics of Earth’s interior; the response of the lithosphere to loading; the mechanics of earthquakes; and the fluid dynamics of geological materials. Our work relies on analysis of observational data and on the application of rigorous mathematical techniques, typically utilising high-performance computing facilities both locally in Oxford and nationally.

Faculty working in this area include:

Philip England (geodynamics and tectonics)
Lars Hansen (rock rheology)
Jessica Hawthorne (earthquake mechanics)
Richard Katz (dynamics of fluid-solid systems)
Conall MacNiocaill (rock magnetism)
Hauke Marquardt (mineral physics)
Tarje Nissen-Meyer (seismology)
Barry Parsons (geodesy)
Karin Sigloch (seismology)
Tony Watts (marine geophysics)

Groups associated with this theme include:

Geodynamics (England / Katz)
Marine geology and geophysics (Watts)
Rock Rheology (Hansen)
Seismology (Nissen-Meyer / Sigloch)