The Paleomagnetism and Rock Magnetism group is involved in a wide range of projects. These span from focussed projects that involve PhD students targeting specific questions, to larger projects funded by external bodies, to nationwide consortia.

Larger projects include:

The Winchcombe meteorite consortium 

The Winchcombe meteorite fell in the Cotswolds on 28 February 2021. Within a week, this consortium was set-up to characterise this incredibly fresh carbonaceous chondrite, with the aim of using it to recover a particular clear and reliable picture of the early evolution of our solar system. The Oxford Magnetism Group was chosen to conduct and oversee the magnetic measurements performed on this fascinating sample.

International Space Science Institute Science Team: Atmospheric Escape

A long standing question in studying planetary atmospheres and their connection to their host star is what are the processes that control atmospheric retention or loss, and how these are controlled by the radiation and stellar wind from the host star,  geological processes, and planetary magnetism.

The multi-disciplinary  team includes experts from space sciences and planetary sciences, paleomagnetism (including Claire Nichols from the Oxford Magnetism Group), and Earth and atmospheric sciences, in order to tackle this problem from all angles presently afforded by the scientific community.