Gideon Henderson, Professor of Earth Sciences (email)

Chris Day, Post-Doctoral Researcher (email)

Stacy Carolin, Post-Doctoral Researcher (email)

Andrew Mason, Uranium Series Geochemist (email)

Yves Plancherel, James Martin Post-Doctoral Fellow (email)

Feifei Deng, Post-Doctoral Researcher (email)

Masters Students

  • Jacob Morgan (current)
    Penultimate deglaciation captured in semi-arid Western Asia stalagmite
  • James Wilkinson (2013)
    A hydrological study of the South Atlantic using O and H isotopes as tracers
  • Peter Scott (2013)
    REEs in the South Atlantic:  Water mass behaviour and tracing of micronutrient sources to the surface ocean
  • Kimberly Pyle (2012)
    Isotope hydrology of the Baltic Sea:  Using d18O and dD to trace freshwater fluexes and identify mixing regimes
  • Christopher Kinsley (2012)
    Constraining rates of sea-level change at MIS5e using 230Thxs normalisation of Red Sea sediments
  • Ezekiel Jacobs (2012)
    Lithium isotopes in Israeli speleothems as a proxy for paleoenvironmental conditions
  • Robert Gooder (2012)
    Constraining rare-earth-element cycling in the Baltic Sea
  • Matthew Ponting (2011)
    A study of calcium isotope fractionation in Heshang Cave, China:  Can calcium isotopes help to constrain non-equilibrium d18O effects
  • Kathyrn Martin (2011)
    Holocene shifts in the position and intensity of the South Hemisphere Westerlies, Madre de Dios
  • David Lang (2011)
    Developing high-resolution records of the South East Asian Monsoon
  • Ed Slack (2008)
    A tree ring record of climate and pollution from central Oxford
  • Andrew Keech (2008)
    New U-series tools to assess the duration of chemical weathering
  • James Collins (2008)
    U/Th chronology of Tahiti microbialites formed during the last deglaciation
  • Neil Christie (2008)
    Tracing shelf waters to the open Arctic Ocean using REEs
  • Joseph Stewart (2007)
    Trace Element and stable isotope analysis of a Chinese Speleothem:  Evidence for suppressed seasonality during the LGM
  • James Rae (2007)
    Testing the bipolar seesaw with Pa and Th isotopes in the SW Atlantic
  • Tash Macbean (2007)
    A study into the nature and slip rates of faults inCentral and Northeastern Iran using remote sensing techniques and U/Th dating
  • Robert Simmons (2006)
    The potential for U-Th dating of cold-seep carbonates:  A study on the Nile Fan
  • Jenny Howes (2006)
    Investigating the potential of the barnacle Bathylasma coralliforme to reconstruct past seasonality of the Ross Ice Shelf
  • Richard Myserscough (2005)
    Atmospheric transport of depleted uranium released during the gulf wars:  A modelling and isotopic study
  • Loius Marrable (2005)
    Foraminiferal record of d44Ca for the last 7Ma:  Combined with ocean box modelling of seawater d44Ca and d7Li
  • Katherine Cox (2005)
    The timing of Marine Isotope Stage 9 and its implications for the mechanisms driving climate change
  • Richard Baker (2005)
    Controls on 234U/238U activity ratios and uranium concentrations in speleothems
  • Julie Ferguson (2004)
    Testing new trace metal proxies for past ocean salinity
  • Chris Atkinson  (2004)
    (234U/238U) and the uranium budget in the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean
  • Lisa Watkinson (2003)
    U/Th dating of the formation of the Bahamas
  • Philip Pogge von Strandmann (2003)
    Nd isotope ratios in fish teeth from the English chalk
  • Clare Pearsall (2003)
    The fractionation of Li isotopes during weathering – A study of Hawaiian rivers
  • Rebecca Crompton (2003)
    Developing a proxy for ocean salinity
  • Iain Mathews (2002)
    An investigation of uranium series isotopes of waters from the South Island New Zealand
  • Eleanor Maddison (2002)
    U-Th dating of carbonate aeolianites and soils on Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas
  • Nathanial Cockburn (2002)
    Quantifying Quaternary uplift rates of North East Oman:  Evidence from uranium series dating of emerged reef terraces
  • Danny Barker (2002)
    Global controls on the riverine uranium activity ratios and the uranium budget of closed basins
  • Andrew Smith (2001)
    Surface water uranium isotopes as an aridity indicator or weathering proxy – A survey and case study in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica
  • Eleanor Bennett (2001)
    Holocene climate change in the tropics as traced by geochemical fingerprinting of Saharan dust

Past group members


  • Phil Renforth
  • Philip Pogge von Strandmann
  • Anton Vaks
  • Karine Wainer
  • Alex Thomas (2003 – 2013) Edinburgh – home page
  • Sam Burgess (2007 – 2010)
  • Linda Reynard (2007 – 2010)  Harvard – home page
  • Julie Pett-Ridge (2007 – 2009) Oregon – home page
  • Josh West (2006 – 2010) USC – home page
  • Kathleen Johnson (2004 –2007) UC Irvine – home page
  • Mads Knudsen (2004 –2008) Aarhus – home page
  • Sylvain Pichat (2003 –2004) ENS Lyon – home page
  • Nan-Chin Chu (2003- 2005) IFREMER – home page
  • Davy Roussett (2002 –2004)
  • Ben Reynolds (2000 – 2000)
Michael Staubwasser (1999 –2003) Cologne – home page
  • Vasile (Lica) Ersek

D. Phil. Students:

  • Julia Barrott
  • Mark Bourne
  • Tom Browning
  • Xinyuan Zheng
  • Clara Blättler (2008 – 2012) Princeton – home page
    Applications of Calcium isotopes in marine carbonates in the Recent and Phanerozoic
  • Yu-Te (Alan) Hsieh (2008 – 2012) Oxford
    Using Uranium- and Thorium-series isotopes as tracers for trace-metal inputs to the Oceans
  • Tristan Horner (2008 – 2012) WHOI – home page
    The Marine Biogeochemistry of Cadmium and its Isotopes
  • Ben Hickey (2006 – 2011)
    Reconstructing past southern hemisphere deep-water flow rates using sediment 231Pa/230Th
  • Helene Muri (2005 – 2009)
    Simulating the climate of the mid-Holecene using
  • Julie Ferguson (2004 – 2007) UC Irvine – home page
    Interannual and season climate records from long-lived molluscs
  • Janna Pistiner (2001 –2002)
    Light isotope fractionation during continental weathering
  • Caedmon Marriott (2000 –2004)
    New stable isotope proxies for paleoenvironmental analysis
  • Deborah Foster (1999 – 2004)
    226Ra/Ba dating of marine carbonates
  • Laura Robinson (1999 – 2002) Bristol – home page
    The timing and magnitude of sealevel changes during marine isotope stage seven.