Ongoing projects

John Donato

Getting older may at least offer one or two benefits.  For me, being semi-retired yet retaining a flexible part-time foothold within Merlin, I now have a little more time available.  In my ‘spare’ time I have been lucky enough to become associated with the UKOGL (UK Onshore Geophysical Library) Academic Hub ‘Beneath Britain’ based at Oxford University.  As you may know, this group provides academic research opportunities to aid an understanding of the subsurface UK with workstation access to the UKOGL seismic archive.  As an initial contribution, I have undertaken three seismic/gravity/magnetic profiles.

The profile shown below is one example and runs from South to North, starting in the English Channel, passing through Wytch Farm, and finishing near Stratford-upon Avon.  It is based upon the composite seismic line interpreted by Butler and Jamieson (2013). The modelling suggests significant contributions to the gravity field from the pre-Permo/Trias section.  In the interpretation below, the gravity effect of assumed Variscan thrust slices has been incorporated into the profile to achieve agreement with the seismic data and the observed gravity and magnetic fields.  The resultant model shows northward-verging Variscan thrusts stacked against the southern side of a weakly magnetic London-Brabant Massif.

Hopefully this profile may go a little way to answering some questions, but I am sure not all of them!  Anyway, with Merlin’s support, I hope to retain an interest in both paid and unpaid geophysics for a few more years yet!