How to complete the data request form

All project proposals should be accompanied by a data request form. The data request form can be filled in through the UKOGL website.

Data request forms can be completed via the following steps:

Step 1 – Once on the UKOGL homepage, click on the ‘INTERACTIVE MAP FULL SCREEN’ above the top left of the interactive map.

Step 2 – Once on the full screen interactive map ensure that the seismic lines (in contents) are turned on. Zoom into area of interest and click on a line of interest. A dialogue box will with line info will pop up.

Step 3 – In the dialogue box, select ‘IMAGES’ and click on ‘View’, to view the seismic line in either colour or black and white.

Step 4 – If the line is required then return to the basemap and click ‘Add to selection’ from the dialogue box. Other seismic lines can be added to your selection via the same process

Step 5 – To view all selected seismic lines, click on the three dots in the bottom left of the screen, to display all line names and specific information.

Step 6 – Once your selection is complete either:

a. click on ‘Request seismic quote’ and fill in the seismic request form, noting in the comments that you require the data for research purposes.


b. click on ‘Export to excel’ and email the spreadsheet to a member of the Beneath Britain management (please see the People section of the website), along with the project proposal form.

Other open access data available through the UKOGL website include well tops, well reports, deviation and velocity data, license applications, reports from regional and governmental studies