Zhijian Jiang

Zhijian Jiang

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 272070

The focus of my current research is on the Fe2+-silicate-carbonate systems and the chemistry of Precambrian seawater, to address the coevolution between marine environments and microbial ecology.

The early evolution of life on our planet took place against a dynamically evolving environmental backdrop. Nevertheless, how seawater and atmospheric chemistry changed across some key evolutionary events, as well as the driving mechanisms and biological feedbacks that accompanied these shifts, remain controversial. Understanding the mechanisms controlling the availability of bioessential elements (e.g., Fe and Si) in predominantly anoxic, ferruginous Precambrian seawater is critical to our understanding of the evolution of prokaryotic and eventually eukaryotic life.

In approaching these problems, I employ experimental geochemistry, crystallography, and micro-petrology to establish the mineralogical, trace element and isotopic fingerprints that reveal the links between mineral stability and environments.

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