Yu-Te Alan Hsieh

Yu-Te Alan Hsieh

Researcher in Isotope Geochemistry

My research interests focus on the quantification of the Earth’s surface dynamic processes using trace element and isotope geochemistry. This ranges from exploring the roles of trace elements and biogeochemical cycles in the ocean to understanding different oceanic processes and climate changes in the past, present, and future.

My current research applies the tools of isotope geochemistry to a variety of marine chemical and paleoceanographic questions, with a particular focus on the U-series geochemistry and non-traditional stable isotopes. For example, I am interested in the applications of using U-series isotopes (e.g. U, Th and Ra isotopes) as tracers to study ocean mixing, trace element and nutrient cycling in the ocean. I am also interested in the new developments of using non-traditional stable isotopes (e.g. Ba isotopes) as proxies to study ocean productivity and chemical weathering in the ocean.

My research also involves the development of new analytical methods for measuring a wide range of novel isotope systems by MC-ICP-MS and TIMS.

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