Weimu Xu

Weimu Xu

Visiting fellow

Research Profile

My research topic is “Carbon burial in continental and marine settings: records of major environmental changes in deep time and their depositional and diagenetic consequences”. I mainly focus on the lacustrine shale deposits in the Early Jurassic of China and the marine mudrock deposits in the Early Jurassic of the UK. I apply a range of laboratory and field works in the area of sedimentology, stratigraphy, isotope and organic geochemistry, and palaeobotany. The ultimate aim is to test the extent to which major climatic and palaeoceanographic events known from the marine realm, such as the Mesozoic Oceanic Anoxic Events, had a predictable impact on depositional and diagenetic history in large inland lakes.

Recently, I was a NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow working with the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy on energy and climate change topics.

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