Sascha Roest-Ellis

Sascha Roest-Ellis


DPhil research specialises in carbonate sedimentology and geochemistry using a range of experimental and micro-analytical techniques. The motivation is to understand alternative Ca-Mg-carbonate mineralisation pathways that hold the key to understanding ancient shallow-water carbonate depositional environments. These environments dominated before the onset of carbonate biomineralisation and influenced important geochemical cycles such as the global carbon cycle. These sediments and mineralisation pathways also hold chemical signatures that inform ancient environmental conditions that may have influenced the evolution and origin of life on Earth.

My DPhil project is entitled: ‘Experimental and analytical investigations of non-skeletal carbonate production

My PI is Nick Tosca ( and my second supervisor is Stuart Robinson.

Interest keywords: Sedimentology, carbonate sediments, geochemistry, mineral formation pathways, geochemical cycles, carbon cycle, phosphorous cycle, Precambrian, Neoproterozoic, dolomite, the evolution of life, Mars, kinetic and thermodynamics.

I am a NERC O&G CDT (DTP) student (cohort 2016).


Sascha Roest-Ellis, Justin V. Strauss, Nicholas J. Tosca; Experimental constraints on nonskeletal CaCO3 precipitation from Proterozoic seawater. Geology 2020; doi: