Poppy Diver

Poppy Diver

Research Assistant

I am a research assistant within the Ocean Biogeochemistry (OceanBug) group led by Professor Rosalind Rickaby. My work is part of the ERC funded APPELS project – A Probe of the Periodic Elements for Life in the Sea.

My interests lie in the ecology of marine microorganisms, particularly prokaryotes, and their influence on biogeochemical cycling in the oceans past and present. My current research centres on the role of the trace metals iron and copper in the ecophysiology of ammonia-oxidising bacteria. Along with ammonia-oxidising archaea, these microbes play an important role in marine nitrification and the wider nitrogen cycle on Earth.

Aside from research, I am responsible for aspects of laboratory management including the maintenance of our microalgal culture collection.

I graduated with MEarthSci in Earth Sciences from the University of Oxford in 2019. My Master’s research project was titled: ‘The role of trace metal availabilities in the niche differentiation of marine ammonia-oxidising microorganisms’.