Mike Cassidy

Mike Cassidy

Visiting Fellow

I’m a NERC Independent Research Fellow and the fundamental goals of my research are to understand the controls over volcanic explosivity, how to improve eruptive style forecasting and how we can best understand and minimise the impacts from large magnitude explosive eruptions.

To understand these aspects, I use a combination of fieldwork and experimental & analytical petrology and machine learning/statistical methods. I work on volcanoes based in Indonesia, Mexico, Iceland, Chile and the Caribbean.


2022: Associate Professor of Volcanology, University of Birmingham (Visiting Fellow at University of Oxford)

2022: Visiting Researcher at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, University of Cambridge

2017 2022: NERC Independent Research FellowUniversity of Oxford

2014  2016: Humboldt Research FellowJohannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany

2013 – 2014: Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, Plymouth University

2012  2014: Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, University of Southampton

2012: Research Assistant, University of Cambridge

2008 – 2012PhD (NERC studentship) – Ocean and Earth Science,University of Southampton

2007 –  2008: MSc – Volcanology and Geological Hazards, Lancaster University

2006: Volunteer Research AssistantUniversity of Colima and UNAM, Mexico

2003 – 2006: BSc – Geology, University of Bristol

Experimental volcanology lab

I have recently constructed Cold Seal Pressure Vessels (CSPVs) which are capable of simulating temperatures and pressures experienced in magma reservoirs underneath silicic volcanoes (up to ~900°C & 200 MPa).

Photo by Ian Wallman

DPhil Student Supervision

Amber Madden-Nadeau (Now completed)

Annika Voight

Anna Brookfield

Kyra Cutler

Kerys Meredew (Birmingham)



  • Co-PI NERC Urgency grant (2019). Interactions between eruptive activity and sector collapse at Anak Krakatau, Indonesia (Value: £65,000)
  • PI of Diamond Light Source Synchrotron proposal (2018). Tracking magmatic changes prior to large explosive and effusive eruptions’ (Value: £57,564)
  • PI of NERC Ion Microprobe facility (2018) entitled ‘Towards monitoring temperature and water variations in shallow magma bodies using volcanic gases’ (Value: £24,000)
  • PI of DFG German Standard Grant (2016) ‘What controlled the explosivity and sulfur release of the largest recent explosive eruption on Earth?’ Transferred to a full 3.5 year PhD-funded project to Oxford in 2018. (Value: €192,200)
  • PI of NERC Independent Research Fellowship (2017-2022) entitled, ‘Towards improved forecasting of volcanic explosivity: Investigating the role of magma mixing’ (Value: £528,280)
  • PI of Alexander von Humboldt 2 year Independent Fellowship (2015-2017) entitled, ‘Effusive or explosive: What controls the eruptive behaviour of volcanoes?’ (Value: €87,066)
  • Co-PI of COSMO-SkyMed Radar Science and Innovation Research (CORSAIR) Programme, UK Space Agency, 30 CosmoSkyMed Radar scenes. “The 2014 eruption of Kelud volcano, Indonesia: integration of geodetic, petrological and surface change observations”, Ebmeier, Cassidy & Watt (Commercial value: €35,000)
  • Co-PI of Centre for the Observation and Modelling of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tectonics (COMET) Small grants 2016, “The 2014 eruption of Kelud volcano, Indonesia: integration of geodetic, petrological and surface change observations,” Ebmeier, Cassidy & Watt (Value: £2,650)
  • Co-PI of NERC grant award for 15 radiocarbon dates in 2010 (Value: £7,000)

Listen about our work:

2019: Here I speak to BBC World Service (Science in Action) about the 2018 Anak Krakatau collapse and volcanic activity

2017: Click here to listen to our PhD student Amber and I talk on ‘Science in Action’ on the BBC World Service about our work on volcano experiments and Krakatau volcano. Click here to listen to us on ‘Inside Science’ on BBC Radio 4 also.

More public engagement info here


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