Matteo Paganoni

Matteo Paganoni

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

My current research involves analysis of shallow hydrocarbon plumbing systems in active and passive margins, by the use of 3D seismic, petrophysical in geochemical information. The DPhil project was entitled ‘controls on the distribution of gas hydrates in sedimentary basins’

My previous was focused on the petrographic and geochemical analysis of carbonate reservoirs in the UAE to evaluate the impact of fluid flow and diagenesis on reservoir quality.

Research interests: Marine Geology and Geophysics, Petroleum Geology, Reservoir Geomechanics, Petrophysics, Sedimentary Petrography and Diagenesis, Structural Geology and Geodynamics, Basin Analysis.

Relationship between fluid-escape pipes and gas hydrate distribution in offshore Sabah (NW Borneo) (Marine Geology, October 2017)

Structure II gas hydrates found below the bottom simulating reflector (Geophysical Research Letters, May 2016)

Impact of stylolitization on diagenesis of a Lower Cretaceous carbonate reservoir from a giant oilfield, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Sedimentary Geology, February 2016)