Martino Foschi

Martino Foschi

Shell Research Fellow
Tel: +44 (0) 1865 72056

Research Profile

I am a Shell-funded research fellow with background in exploration geophysics and petroleum geology. My research is focussed primarily to study and understand the migration of fluids in the subsurface. I am particularly interested on hydrocarbon migration in sedimentary basins and across caprocks. Under my current research project (FLUXUS) I try to quantify the rate of natural seepage from conventional gas reserves and to understand how this could have an impact on the short-term carbon cycle.

Submitted / in review

  • Foschi, M., Cartwright, J.A., MacMinn, C.W., Etiope, G. and Schwietzke, S. Evidence for massive emission of methane from a deep-water gas field during the Pliocene (Science Advances, in review)

  • Foschi, M. and Cartwright, J.A. Seal failure assessment of a major gas field via integration of seal properties and leakage phenomena (AAPG Bulletin, in review)

Accepted / in press



  • Hajana, I.M., Foschi, M., Cartwright, J.A., 2013. Atlas of Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators. CapRock Group

  • Bertoni, C., Cartwright, J.A., Foschi, M., Kirkham, C., Manton, B., Van Rensbergen, P., 2018. A Seismic Atlas of Vertical Hydrocarbon Migration. Shell