Maria Tsekhmistrenko

Maria Tsekhmistrenko


I am a member of the Oxford DTP and Seismology group of the Earth Science department. The objective of my Ph.D. is to image the La Reunion plume in all mantle depths. I am doing this by applying Finite Frequency method to seismic body waves…and loads of coffee.

The project

In 2012, the RHUM-RUM project deployed 57 German and French Ocean Bottom Seismometers (OBS) around the island La Reunion in the Indian Ocean. The combination of OBS and land seismometers covered a wide area (2000x2000km2) around La Reunion Island, which has created up to now one of the largest ocean plume imaging projects worldwide. These seismograms have recorded seismic data from the ocean floor to La Reunion and its neighboring islands for a period of one year. In addition to the vast amount of data collected during the experiment, the technical novelty of the project is to apply Finite-Frequency Method (FFM) to OBS data.