Lawrence Percival

Lawrence Percival

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 72041

I am a postgraduate student studying the relationships between past times of climate change and mass extinction with the emplacement of Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs). My research is focused chiefly on geochemical analysis of mercury concentrations, osmium isotopes, and subsidiary trace metal concentrations, in sedimentary rocks to study a number of specific events and establish links with associated LIPs (in particular the end-Triassic extinction, Toarcian OAE, Cretaceous OAE 2, and the end-Cretaceous extinction).
I have also undertaken demonstrating and tutorials for a number of courses, including:
1st year Crystals and Minerals
1st year Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
1st year Arran Field Trip
2nd year Sedimentary Petrology
2nd year Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
2nd year Dorset Field Trip
3rd year Volcanology

Percival, L.M.E., Cohen, A.S., Davies, M.K., Dickson, A.J., Hesselbo, S.P., Jenkyns, H.C., Mather, T.A., Storm, M.S. and Xu, W., 2016, Osmium isotope data show two pulses of increased continental weathering linked to volcanism and climate change during the Early Jurassic. Geology, doi:10.1130/G37997.1.


Percival, L.M.E., Witt, M.L.I., Mather, T.A., Hermoso, M., Jenkyns, H.C., Hesselbo, S.P., Al-Suwaidi, A.H., Storm, M.S., Xu, W. and Ruhl, M., 2015, Globally enhanced mercury deposition during the end-Pliensbachian and Toarcian OAE: A link to the Karoo–Ferrar Large Igneous Province. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 428, p. 267–280, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2015.06.064.


Percival, L.M.E., Ruhl, M., Hesselbo, S.P., Jenkyns, H.C., Mather, T.A. and Whiteside, J.H., Global evidence for pulsed emplacement of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province and it’s association with the end-Triassic mass extinction (in prep.).