Kuangdai Leng

Kuangdai Leng


I am a DPhil student in Geophysics at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford. I am working with Prof. Tarje Nissen-Meyer and Prof. Karin Sigloch, and the other young, enthusiastic and talent researchers in the Seismology group.

My research fits into the scope of theoretical and computational global seismology. I developed a brand new numerical method to simulate global seismic wave propagation in realistic 3-D Earth models (with 3-D mantle and crustal structures, ellipticity, anisotropy, attenuation, etc.), featured by a speedup of two orders of magnitude compared with existent 3-D methods. Such performance boost could maximize our utilization of broadband seismic data, not only in forward modeling but also in seismic tomography. Please see my publication for detail.

The code has been pre-released here https://github.com/kuangdai/AxiSEM3D. If you are interested in using/testing it before the formal release, please feel free to contact me.

First benchmark of global wave propagation in a 3-D Earth model