Joyce Clemente

Joyce Clemente

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Current Project:

Interactions between metals and organics influence the solubility, degradability, and availability of both.  As well, metal composition and concentration, and organic carbon composition reflect sources and environmental conditions during deposition.

This project will contribute to understanding processes responsible for the co-enrichment of metals and organic matter in marine sediments.  Characterising recent sediments is expected to provide information on initial controls related to organo-metal sequestration, and why specific metals are enriched in high organic carbon deposits. In collaboration with scientists from Shell, we are using high resolution MS to characterize organic matter composition, which will complement metal analysis conducted at the department.

Previous Work:

Previous training in Microbiology and Environmental Chemistry focused on terrestrial systems.

  • Determining the effects organic carbon and nutrient rich amendments on metal mobility (e.g. acid mine drainage) from pyrrhotite-rich Cu/Ni mine tailings (Postdoctoral research).
  • Investigating the potential of biochars as amendments on metal mine tailings by identifying properties that could influence metal mobility (Postdoctoral research).
  • Soil organic matter composition impacts its degradability and association with soil minerals (Ph.D. thesis).
  • Characterization, analysis and biodegradation of naphthenic acids (M.Sc. thesis).
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