John Holmes

John Holmes

Visiting Fellow

John Holmes is a Senior Research Fellow in Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford where his research is concerned with making better links between science and policy making. His current focus is the ‘Earthquakes Without Frontiers’ project which is concerned with intra-continental earthquakes in Asia. His role in this project is to help ensure that the research takes a transdisciplinary approach and that research findings are communicated effectively to stakeholders.

John Holmes is also Co-Leader of the ‘Smart Villages Initiative’ which is addressing the challenges of sustainable energy provision for rural communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America to catalyse their development. The Smart Villages Initiative is being undertaken by an interdisciplinary team of 12 researchers, many of whom are based at the University of Cambridge, and carried out in collaboration with national science academies in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

Prior to joining the University of Oxford in 2004, his previous career spanned the assessment and development of clean coal technologies, responsibility for the science and the engineering of the UK’s geological disposal programme for radioactive waste, and heading the science programme of the Environment Agency, the UK’s main environmental regulator.

He has a first degree in natural sciences from Cambridge University, a PhD in engineering from Imperial College, London and an MBA from Brunel University.