Franziska Lechleitner

Franziska Lechleitner

Visiting Researcher

I am a paleoclimatologist and geochemist working with speleothems. My research focuses on the application of a diverse set of proxies (e.g., stable isotopes, trace elements, radiocarbon, organic matter), with the aim of reconstructing climatic and environmental conditions in the past.

Currently, I am working on detecting signs of permafrost degradation after the last deglaciation using stalagmites from caves in Siberia. Permafrost thawing, and the concurrent release of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and methane), could present an important positive feedback to climate change. However, the extent and rate of permafrost thawing in the high latitude regions of the globe are still poorly constrained. Stalagmites that grew in caves overlain by permafrost during the last glacial period can provide important insight into these processes.

Other research interests of mine include:

  • High-resolution Quaternary paleorainfall reconstructions from tropical regions, especially India and Central America (Belize), links to volcanic and solar forcing
  • Use of stable and radioactive carbon isotopes in speleothems as proxies for karst hydrological processes and soil signatures
  • Extraction and characterisation of organic matter entrapped in speleothem fabrics
  • Construction of speleothem chronologies using radiocarbon

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