Felipe de la Parra

Felipe de la Parra

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 272073

My interests are in the fields of Paleobiology and Paleoecology, with emphasis in Paleobotany. I am interested in biota diversity, its causes and how vegetation has responded to environmental crises in the geological past. I am also interested in the relationship between the fossil and the sedimentary record and how the interaction between geological and ecological processes can explain the dynamic of plant communities and the nature of their fossil record. I approach these questions using paleobiological information (mainly fossil pollen and spores) and all sort of geological information by applying quantitative methods to understand and correlate geological and evolutionary processes.

For my PhD project I am studying the macroevolutionary history of Neotropical vegetation during the Cenozoic. I am using  the palynological and geological record of Northern South America (mainly Colombia) to understand the changes in vegetation in deep time and the relationship of these changes with climate and regional geological processes. I use a combination of techniques, including quantitative biostratigraphy, analityical paleobiology and data mining to analyze the palynological and geological data of my project.

Currently I am working for ECOPETROL S.A as a Palynologist and Biostratigrapher. My experience includes the palynological and geological study of Paleozoic, Cretaceous and Cenozoic sequences from the Neotropics and the application and implementation of biostratigraphic quantitative methods in the oil industry.

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