Ethan Petrou

Ethan Petrou


Research Interests

I am interested in the relationship between isotopic geochemistry and fluid flow migration with an emphasis of trace metal analysis. As a secondary goal I am to investigate into methane hydrate exploration and what can be gleaned from their expression in seismic data.

The primary aim of my DPhil project is to determine the impact of natural fluid migration of methane gas on the geochemistry of the top surface sediment on continental slope facies. The benefit of this research is that a contextual analysis for future geochemical sampling will be established. This will be achieved by trying to develop whether any relationship between lateral enrichments of trace metals and the presence of conditions supporting methane gas generation can be established.

I will initially use seismic interpretation software to characterise the subsurface and potential fluid flow migration pathways. This, coupled with initial core pore-water experiments will help quantify the greater geochemical implication for samples from the study area. From here I will investigate into trace metal enrichment of sediments on continteal slopes, in particular Barium. Trace metal enrichments in sedimentary deposits are of key interest because they are controlled by the same processes that also control organic matter preservation and production.


Key Supervisors

Prof Gideon Henderson

Prof Joe Cartwright

Dr Martino Foschi

Dr Luke Bridgestock


Publicity – Jackson School of Geoscience News

October 2017:// Fueling the Future 

May 2017:// Bleeding the Pressure 

May 2017:// Bust to Boom

Linkedin :// Ethan Petrou

Vermeesch, P., Rittner, M., Petrou, E. , Omma, J., Mattinson, C. & Garzanti, E., 2017, High throughput petrochronology and sedimentary provenance analysis by automated phase mapping and LAICPMS, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems (doi: 10.1002/2017GC007109)


Phillips, S., Flemings, P., Holland, M., Schultheiss, P., Petrou, E., Waite, W., Jang, J.,  and Hammon, H., 2019, Extremely high concentration of methane hydrate in a deepwater silt reservoir from the northern Gulf of Mexico (Green Canyon 955), AAPG Bulletin (In Review)


Flemings et al., 2019, Concentrated hydrate in a deepwater Gulf of Mexico turbidite reservoir: initial results from the UT-GOM2-1 Hydrate Pressure Coring Expedition, AAPG Bulletin (In Review)