Elsa Panciroli

Elsa Panciroli

Research Assistant in Evolution and Palaeobiology

I’m a Scottish palaeontologist interested in the origins of modern ecosystems. I specialise in the anatomy, ecology and locomotion of Mesozoic mammals and their closest kin. I am part of the research team working on Middle Jurassic material from the Isle of Skye, Scotland. My current work is part of a project looking at the evolutionary origins of salamanders, combining information from living salamanders with data from fossils – including new specimens from Scotland. I work with a lot of X-ray computed tomography (CT) scan data, and have a particular interest in digital imaging and the use of 3D animation software for scientific reconstruction. I’m also an active science communicator, writing for newspapers, magazines and blogs on subjects in evolutionary biology.


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Panciroli, E., Benson, R.B.J. and Walsh, S. 2017. The dentary of Wareolestes rex (Megazostrodontidae): a new specimen from Scotland and implications for morganucodontan tooth replacement. Papers in Palaeontology, 3:373–386.

Panciroli, E., Janis, C., Stockdale, M. and Martín‐Serra, A. 2017. Correlates between calcaneal morphology and locomotion in extant and extinct carnivorous mammals. Journal of morphology, 278:1333–1353.

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Panciroli, E.
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