David Hodkin

David Hodkin

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

I am an environmental geochemist interested in the nucleation and growth of minerals and the attenuation of anthropogenic contamination. My current research is supported by the NERC funded Greenhouse Gas Removal by Enhanced Weathering project (GGREW) with professors Gideon Henderson and Ros Rickaby. The GGREW scheme involves the draw-down of atmospheric CO2 through mineral weathering reactions. During this process atmospheric CO2 will be transferred into solution and will be either precipitated in the near-field as carbonates or make its way to the oceans where it will contribute to increased alkalinity. My contribution to the GGREW project revolves around understanding the response of the inorganic carbonate system to this increased alkalinity.

My previous research, carried out as part of my NDA funded PhD at the University of Leeds, has involved understanding the partitioning of radionuclides (14C and 90Sr into calcium carbonate) and using this understanding to inform the design of remediation scheme for these to contaminants at a nuclear site.

My research involves using a mixture of laboratory-based experiments and computer modelling (predominantly in PHREEQC) to better understand a range of environmental processes.

David J. Hodkin, Douglas I. Stewart, James T. Graham, Giannantonio Cibin, Ian T. Burke. 2018, Enhanced Crystallographic incorporation of Strontium(II) ions to Calcite via Preferential Adsorption at Obtuse growth steps. Crystal Growth and Design. 18, 2836-2843.


David J. Hodkin, Douglas I. Stewart, James T. Graham, Ian T. Burke. 2016, Coprecipitation of 14C and Sr with carbonate precipitates: The importance of reaction kinetics and recrystallization pathways, Science of The Total Environment 562, 335-343.