Benjamin Schwarz

Benjamin Schwarz

Visiting Researcher

My research across the scales aims at strengthening the interface between traditionally separated fields with an emphasis on exploration and earthquake seismology. I am additionally interested in optics, i.e. the (non-quantum mechanical) theory of light, and how its well-established and rich conceptual framework might inspire new developments in seismic and ground-penetrating radar subsurface imaging. Building on ever-improving instrumentation I explore the potential of using (formerly ignored) weak wavefields, such as seismic and electromagnetic diffraction on the scales of oceans, glaciers, or Earth’s crust and general back-scattering in earthquake studies, to push the respective limits of resolution and illumination.

I work with Karin Sigloch and Tarje Nissen-Meyer on various conceptual aspects of seismology, with a special emphasis on regions, where the emerging wavefield is densely sampled with modern seismological arrays. My research is supported by a research fellowship of the German Research Foundation (DFG, SCHW 1870/1-1).

Tutor – Mathematics for Earth Sciences (1st year)
Tutor – Vector Calculus (3rd year)


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