Ben Fernando

Ben Fernando


I’m a Physicist working in the Seismology group under Tarje Nissen-Meyer and the Stellar Evolution group in the Department of Physics under Philipp Podsiadlowski.

My work involves modelling seismic wave propagation in fluid media, focussing on both terrestrial (ocean/atmosphere) and stellar applications.

I completed a Masters’ Degree at Imperial College London in 2016, and a summer course in space science at the Swedish Institute of Space Research the same year.

Outreach projects that I have worked on include the Imperial Festival in 2015 and 2016, the Science Museum ‘Sharman 25’ event, and the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2017.


  • Training Martian Seismologists for InSight, Fernando, B., Tsekhmistrenko, M. and Hosseini, K.  Astronomy & Geophysics 59.5 (2018): 5-17.


  • Sowing Seeds from Space, Fernando, B.; Wade, J.; Tazi, K.: Astronomy and Geophysics, 2016 57 (5): 5.11, doi:10.1093/astrogeo/atw176