Ben Fernando

Ben Fernando


I’m a Physicist working in the Seismology group under Tarje Nissen-Meyer and the Stellar Evolution group in the Department of Astrophysics under Philipp Podsiadlowski.

I aim to adapt terrestrial seismology methods for stellar use, enabling us to use highly efficient computational techniques developed for the Earth to better understand the structure and dynamics of our Sun and other stars.

I completed a Masters’ Degree at Imperial College London in 2016, and a summer course in space science at the Swedish Institute of Space Research the same year.

Outreach projects that I have worked on include the Imperial Festival in 2015 and 2016, the Science Museum ‘Sharman 25’ event, and the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2017.


  • Sowing Seeds from Space, Fernando, B.; Wade, J.; Tazi, K.: Astronomy and Geophysics, 2016 57 (5): 5.11, doi:10.1093/astrogeo/atw176
  • Planning our First Interstellar Journey, Fernando, B; Astronomy and Geophysics, 2016 58 (1): 1.28-1.30,