Ana Pagu

Ana Pagu


I am interested in the formation and early evolution of planetesimals in the early Solar System, as well as magnetic field generation and its implications for outer core dynamics and inner core formation. I am also interested in comparative planetology, in particular planetary tectonics and planetary magnetism.

In my PhD, I use meteorite palaeomagnetism and electron microscopy techniques to learn about the formation of meteorite parent bodies. My work is currently on mesosiderites, but I am planning to extend this study to primitive achondrites in the future.

Before starting my PhD, I graduated from a MEarthSci in the Department of Earth Sciences (University of Oxford) in 2018. My research project involved testing tomographic proxies for the presence of post-perovskite at the core-mantle boundary, using seismology and geodynamics.

My PhD is funded by NERC through the Doctoral Training Partnership in Environmental Research.