Amber L. Madden-Nadeau

Amber L. Madden-Nadeau


A volcanologist and igneous petrologist with current research interests in investigating magmatic conditions and how these link to variations in eruptive behaviour at Krakatau Volcano, Indonesia, with particular reference to the famous 1883 caldera-forming eruption and the recent 2018 eruptive phase. This will be achieved using a combination of techniques, for example studies of crystal zoning and thermobarometry, as well as phase-equilibria experiments.

This DPhil is being completed as part of the NERC Doctoral Training Partnership.

Graduated with an MSci in Geology (First Class) at Imperial College London, Class of 2016 with the Clement Le Neve Foster Prize for contributions to mineralogy and petrology. MSci project was completed in conjunction with The Natural History Museum, London, investigating the most explosive eruption (14,000 B.P.) to have occurred at Popocatépetl Volcano, Mexico.


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