Amber L. Madden-Nadeau

Amber L. Madden-Nadeau


A volcanologist and igneous petrologist with current research interests in investigating the effusive-explosive transition at Krakatau Volcano, Indonesia. Krakatau is infamous as a result of its highly explosive 1883 eruption which killed ~35,000 people, however since has been predominantly erupting effusively; this makes it an excellent case study for this research.

This DPhil is being completed as part of the NERC Doctoral Training Partnership.

Previously studied for an MSci in Geology at Imperial College London; her MSci project was completed in conjunction with The Natural History Museum, investigating the most explosive eruption (14,000 B.P.) to have occurred at Popocatépetl Volcano, Mexico.


Madden-Nadeau, A.L., Genge, M.J. & Prytulak, J. 2017. Volatile loss from ignimbrites: Evidence for fiamme-vesicle interactions. Joint Assembly, Liverpool.

Madden-Nadeau, A.L., Petrone, C.M., Prytulak, J., Mangler, M. & Delgados-Granados, H. 2016. The Pumice with Andesite eruption, Popocatépetl, Mexico: Linking magma chamber processes and eruption dynamics. Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group Meeting, Dublin.