The Watersgate Affair: 49 years between a place and a hard rock

The Watersgate Affair: 49 years between a place and a hard rock


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Mon 25th Sep 2017
From 10:30am
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This 1-day conference celebrates the career of Dave Waters, on the occasion of his retirement from teaching. Hard rock colleagues – both young and young at heart – will highlight different aspects of Dave’s career and his contribution to Metamorphism and Geology, as well as his influence on many academic paths.

The conference will be held in the lecture hall of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History on Monday 25th September 2017 from 10:30am, with speakers as follows:

  • Mike Searle (Oxford): “Dave Waters-gate: ‘Between Many Rocks, Many hard places, and even more Thin-sections”
  • Owen Weller (Cambridge): “Secular change in oceanic plate density and its effect on subduction forces”
  • Paddy O’Brien (Potsdam): “Granulites reclassified as eclogites and eclogites turning into granulites”
  • John Cottle (UCSB): “Linking metamorphic texture, time and temperature: an example from the Everest Himalaya”
  • Clare Warren (Open): “Dates, Rates and Fluids: interpreting metamorphic 40Ar/39Ar ages”
  • Bruce Yardley (Leeds): “Metamorphic Fluids: lessons in vein”
  • Chris Hawkesworth (Bristol): “The crustal record and the onset of plate tectonics”
  • Brendan Dyck (Cambridge): “Decoding granite microstructure, from cotectics to convection”
  • Rick Law (Virginia Tech): “Deformation thermometry based on quartz c-axis fabrics and recrystallization microstructures – examples from the Himalaya and Caledonides of northern Scotland”
  • Dave Pattison (Calgary): “Influence of kinetics on metamorphic recrystallization”
  • Dave Waters (Oxford): “Some reflections on learning to think like a mineral”

A drinks reception in the Department of Earth Sciences after the conference will allow a chance for delegates, alumni and members of the department to raise a glass to Dave, followed by dinner at St Cross College.

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