Work Experience

The Department of Earth Sciences welcomes students who wish to do Work Experience placements within the department. We believe that Work Experience is an excellent tool to give students the opportunity to learn different aspects of their desired careers before they fully commit to that area of work. It also helps them to experience a working environment and appreciate the relevance of what they learn at school/college.

Due to safeguarding issues regarding students that are school age, please see guidance notes below on accepting a Work Experience student:

  • School pupils below the age of 15 should not be offered Work Experience in the Department.
  • Pupils who are not pursuing appropriate A-level subjects or are under 16 years of age should not be permitted to participate in scientific projects using University facilities.
  • The Department will only take pupils for no more than 4 days of work experience.
  • Pupils under the age of 18 may not work in Departmental workshops.
  • Dangerous or irresponsible behaviour on the part of the pupil should result in immediate cancellation of the work experience; parents / guardians / school will then be contacted to collect the pupil
  • Pupils on work experience are covered by the University‚Äôs legal liability insurance (
  • The Department is unlikely to be able to take more than one or two work placements per year.

If you have a student who wishes to carry out their Work Experience placement within the department, please contact Emma Smith, HR Manager ( in the first instance to arrange this. A risk assessment will be carried out before the student arrives, and they will have a safety briefing with the Health and Safety Officer as soon as they arrive.