DPhil Projects 2017

Funded studentship available

The department has a fully funded studentship available for 2017 entry.  Due to restrictions of the funder, this project is only open to UK nationals, or EU nationals who have been resident in the UK for at least three years.

The deadline for applications will be published on the University website with one week’s notice.  Further details about the project can be found here:

Candidates should apply via the University’s online application system here.


Please note: graduate admissions for 2017 entry is now only open to applications for the studentship listed above, or if you are able to provide your own funding.


The following DPhil projects are no longer accepting applications for 2017 entry:

Project EARTH-17-DMP1: Using machine-learning approaches to detect changes in volcanic activity

Project EARTH-17-DMP2: Using Archives of Past Disasters to Improve Resilience to Volcanic Hazards

Project EARTH-17-ES1: How do thee vary? Let me count the ways. A quantitative investigation of changes in species through the Phanerozoic

Project EARTH-17-ES2: Biodiversity responses to mass extinction events: studying rates of niche evolution through time

Project EARTH-17-GMH1: Quantification of dust and iron fluxes to the surface ocean with thorium isotopes

Project EARTH-17-GMH2: Stalagmite reconstruction of past Saharan aridity

Project EARTH-17-HB1: Absorption of light by Arctic marine phytoplankton: its ecological and biogeochemical significance

Project EARTH-17-HB2: Relationship between phytoplankton and marine aerosols at the global scale: exploring underlying mechanisms and implications for Earth’s climate, using satellite data

Project EARTH-17-HLJ1: Meridional overturning circulation and ocean heat uptake

Project EARTH-17-IR1: Deciphering the Evolution of Symmetry in Early Echinoderms

Project EARTH-17-MPS1: Structural and metamorphic evolution of the Zanskar Himalaya from crustal thickening through to melting and exhumation

Project EARTH-17-RK1Melting and water drainage from ice-stream margins: theory and computation

Project EARTH-17-RK2: Magma/mantle dynamics: production and extraction of melt from the convecting mantle

Project EARTH-17-RK3: Magma genesis and transport in subduction zones – theory and computational models

Project EARTH-17-RR1: Reconstructing past climates and physiology using new old molecules

Project EARTH-17-RR2: Optimising elements for life: exploring the expanse of the periodic table

Project EARTH-17-RR3: The Paleoclimatic history of ENSO variance

Project EARTH-17-RR4: Assessing the biological response to changes in ocean chemistry from increased weathering

Project EARTH-17-TM1: Understanding the volcanism of the Tasmantid seamount chain

Project EARTH-17-TM2: The importance and impacts of magmatic volatiles: the behaviour of noble gases and halogens in magmatic systems