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Marine Group

Formed in 1991 as a result of the University Grants Committee (UGC) review of UK Geology Departments, we are a small group who are interested in the dynamics of the world's ocean basins and their margins.

To date, we have participated in four research cruises on the RRS Charles Darwin, one on the RRS James Clark Ross and one on the commercial ship, GECO Prakla. The cruises have been collaborative efforts with scientists from the Universities of Birmingham and Durham, the Southampton Oceanography Centre, the British Antarctic Survey and, the Institute of Earth Sciences in Barcelona. The cruise data have been the subject of three Ph.D theses and several publications.

The group maintains a small network of SUN workstations and has access to the ProMax, GeoQuest, GeoTracker, ERDAS, ErMapper, GMT and MB software systems for the processing and display of underway geological and geophysical data.

This web site offers an overview of the group's activities. New data will be released via this site as it becomes available.

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