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Publications Working on Vulcano, Italy
Working on Vulcano, Italy
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Earth Sciences, Oxford

I am an Academic Fellow in Physics and Chemistry of the Earth and Environment (RCUK Academic Fellowship) in the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford. My department webpages can be found by clicking here.
The lava lake of Masaya volcano, Nicaragua as seen from the crater rim.

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in the role of volcanism in planetary scale processes throughout geological time. Specific interests include:
  • The chemistry of volcanic plumes including the effects due to background air mixing into the hot gas mixture and volcanic lightning

  • Quantifying and understanding the volcanic fluxes of chemical species of atmospheric importance over different temporal and spatial scales (gases and particles) and their roles in global geochemical cycles

  • Volcanic degassing processes and the formation of volcanic aerosol

  • The emission and chemistry of mercury in volcanic plumes

  • The ultimate fate, atmospheric and environmental effects of volcanic emissions

  • Using stable isotopes to understand volcanic processes

  • The cycling of volatiles through subduction zones

  • Patterns and forcing of volcanism on the arc scale

These interests also lead me away from volcanoes at times and I have also studied the emissions from an oil depot fire (Buncefield 2005) and am generally interested in the global mercury cycle as well as other biogeochemical cycles.

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