Network XXIII News

23:15 Thursday 10th August, 2006.
Reporter: Edison Carter

Renewed threats from dangerous terrorists has meant that the security measures imposed this morning have been determined to be insufficient.

Undisclosed intelligence sources have highlighted that not only items carried onto aircraft could be used by terrorists to cause an explosion but clothing as well. As a result the Home Office has decided to re-appraise the situation and impose stricter restrictions.

From midnight tonight all passengers on flights out of the UK will be required to strip naked in the company of security personnel and be searched before being given orange jump suits to wear before boarding the aircraft. Their clothing will be given back to them once they have arrived at their destination.

The reaction from the public has been mixed. Many I asked said that this was just a step too far and that they would think twice about flying. However, a few people praised the Home Office for putting the public safety first ahead of the comfort of passengers. Mrs. Anne Phillips from Tottenstead, North London said, "It's far more important to feel safe than it is to be able to fly in your own clothes."

It is not known how long these restrictions will stay in place as the Home Office refused to comment.

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