Assynt Field Trip.

View of Inchnadamph from half way up Quinag.Picture of the hotel at Inchnadamph.
General view from Quinag looking east-south-east. The hotel in which we stayed.
Picture of a mountain.Picture of someone trying to stop waves breaking on rosks.
The view of Quinag from the door of the hotel at Inchnadamph. Some of us at the time thought we were gods.
Lorrain Stanley and Simon Bennet looking undecided.Picture of Lorrain Stanley striding away from Suzy Gornall, Simon Bennet and co. in a resolute way.
Others at first couldn't make up their minds what to do. But then found a sense of direction.
Picture of someone sliding down a hill in a plastic bag.Picture of Michael Joint with his head in a rock pool.
One or two were on a slippery slope. And some just couldn't take it any longer!
Picture of Mike Joint and Jane Armstrong cutting a birthday cake.
Mike Joint and Jane Armstrong happened to have a birthday during the field trip (on the same day).
The Assynt field trip was the first big field trip, and probably the one most of us remember the best. Most of the time was spent mapping Quinag in the horizontal rain watching the waterfalls on the mountain opposite flow uphill. Out of the 12 days we were there it rained at least for some of the day on 8 of the days and on the last day it snowed.

As well as the days spent on the hill there were a few days where we went on trips to see other places such as Badcall Bay (where many of the above photos were taken) and Clachtoll.

Myra and Suzy had a fun time.. especially when the hotel cook sleep-walked into their room and fell asleep again under one of their beds.

Note: Myra's hair has changed... it's now pink all over, except for the roots.

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