Pertenhall, North Bedfordshire.

(From the "Pictorial Guide to Bedfordshire" by Eric Meadows, White Crescent Press Ltd, Luton, Bedfordshire, UK, 1975. ISBN 0-900804-10-6)
Pertenhall is a small village situated about one and a half miles south of Kimbolton and half a mile from the border with what used to be Huntingdonshire and is now Cambridgeshire.

There's not much to note about the village except that it's name is thought to be a corruption of "Purton Hill." Purton being the old english name for a church.

To get there follow the B660 north out of Bedford or turn south onto the B6660 from the B645 (the old A45) in Kimbolton. If you blink you may miss Pertenhall all together. If you see a road forking to the right as you come from Kimbolton signposted Swineshead and Riseley then you're in the middle of the village!

The village does have a rather splendid Georgian rectory and a nice limestone church, however.