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Richard Walters

D. Phil Graduate Student - Geodesy & Geophysics
Exeter College, Oxford
Centre for Observation and Modelling
of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tectonics (COMET+)

Department of Earth Sciences
University of Oxford
South Parks Road,
United Kingdom

tel: (+44) (1865) 272064
fax: (+44) (1865) 272072


R. T. Walker, E. A. Bergman, J. R. Elliott, E. J. Fielding, A-R. Ghods, M. Ghoraishi, J. Jackson, M. Nemati, B. Oveisi, M. Talebian and R. J. Walters, in review.
The 2010-2011 Chah-Ganbar (Rigan) earthquake sequence and its implications for distributed deformation and earthquake hazard in southeast Iran
GJI, in review.

Z. Li, J. R. Elliott, W. Feng, J. A. Jackson, B. E. Parsons and R. J. Walters, 2011
The 2010 Mw 6.8 Yushu (Qinghai, China) earthquake: Constraints provided by InSAR and body wave seismology
JGR, V.116, B10302. [printable article (7.0MB)]

R. J. Walters, R. J. Holley, B. Parsons and T. J. Wright, 2011
Interseismic strain accumulation across the North Anatolian Fault from Envisat InSAR measurements
GRL, V.38, L05303. [printable article (1.7MB)]

J. R. Elliott, R. J. Walters, P. C. England, J. A. Jackson, Z. Li and B. Parsons, 2010
Extension on the Tibetan plateau: recent normal faulting measured by InSAR and body wave seismology
GJI, V.183, 503-555 [printable article (6.0MB), supplementary material (4.4MB)]

G. P. Roberts, B. Raithatha, G. Sileo, A. Pizzi, S. Pucci, J. F. Walker, M. Wilkinson, K. McCaffrey, R. J. Phillips, A. M. Michetti, L. Guerrieri, A. M. Blumetti, E. Vittori, P. Cowie, P. Sammonds, P. Galli, P. Boncio, C. Bristow and R. Walters, 2010
Shallow subsurface structure of the 2009 April 6 Mw 6.3 L'Aquila earthquake surface rupture at Paganica, investigated with ground-penetrating radar
GJI, V.183, 774-790

R. J. Walters, J. R. Elliott, N. D'Agostino, P. C. England, I. Hunstad, J. A. Jackson, B. Parsons, R. Phillips and G. Roberts, 2009
The 2009 L'Aquila Earthquake (Central Italy): an InSAR source mechanism and implications for seismic hazard
GRL, V.36, L17312. [printable article (0.8MB)]

Media coverage

Xinhua International "测量大地“伤口” 追寻地震行踪" --- News article in Chinese published online March 2010 -- LINK to article

Earth Magazine "Source of L'Aquila Earthquake Identified" --- News article published in Issue December 2009

Nature News Online "Italian quake analysis rumbles in" --- News article published online 10 September 2009
doi:10.1038/news.2009.899 -- LINK to article

American Scientist Magazine "See how the earth moves" --- Interview published in Issue Sept-Oct 2009
Volume 97, Number 5 -- LINK to article
[printable article (0.2MB)]

Nature News "Motion detector" --- News article published in Nature 458, 956 (2009) and online 22 April 2009
doi:10.1038/458956b -- LINK to online article
[printable article (1.0MB)]

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