High-pressure Metamorphism

Metamorphism in subduction zones. Characteristic minerals and assemblages of the blueschist and eclogite facies. Transformations, and evidence for the P-T-time evolution of high-pressure rocks.
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Eclogite petrography

A set of thin section images, all at the same scale (1.5 x 1 cm) showing the range of textures to be found in metabasic eclogites from several different…

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High-pressure rocks

High-P rock types in outcrop and close-up views, illustrating assemblages and local field relations

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The Tauern eclogites, E Alps

Specimens and photomicrographs of eclogite-facies assemblages

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Sesia Zone metagranitoids, Alps

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Bergen Arcs, W Norway

The partial transformation of plagioclase-rich mafic granulite to eclogite on the isand of Holsnoy, near Bergen

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Minerals and microstructures

Mineral assemblages and microstructures of prograde and retrograde metamorphism in high-pressure complexes

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Pennine zone, Tauern eclogite unit