Granulite-facies Metamorphism

Metamorphism on high thermal gradients. Examples of granulite-facies rocks and mineral assemblages. Evidence for P-T-time paths of high-temperature metamorphism.
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Metapelitic granulites, Namaqualand

Featuring normal granulite-facies assemblages, plus ultrahigh-T mineral associations with osumilite or hercynite + quartz

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Metabasic granulites, Namaqualand

Petrology of metabasites, with a focus on the dehydration of hornblende, with or without the involvement of partial melting

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Mg-Al-rich rocks, Namaqualand

Unusual rocks and minerals, with intergrowths and reaction sequences to explore.

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Charnockite phenomena

Examples of features ascribed to incipient charnockitisation in S India, with similar features elsewhere

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Fluid-rock interaction in granulites

A few examples from the Akia terrane, W Greenland

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Granulites of the Lewisian Complex, NW Scotland

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